Family Child Care

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Bldg. 1998

1988 Arnold Drive
Little Rock AFB, AR 72099


501 987-3156/6355


Family Child Care


We offer in-home child care services, with well-trained and experienced professionals ensuring your child receives quality care with our dedicated team members.


Family Child Care

A current list of providers that offer in-home child care can be picked up at the Family Child Care office (Building 1988), Child Development Center, (Building 1990), Infant Toddler Center (Building 1257), or Youth Center (Building 1992).

For more information on the child care providers or on how to become a child care provider, please call 501-987-3156/6355. 


If interested in becoming a licensed FCC/ECC provider, please call Jill Lund, FCC Coordinator at 501-987-3156/6355.

Note: Base housing residents providing child care on a regular basis or more than 10 hours per week in their homes must be a LICENSED provider.

See our brochure HERE

family Child Care
Expanded Child Care

Expanded Child Care

The purpose of the Expanded Child Care (ECC) Program is to assist families in obtaining high-quality child care from licensed or affiliated providers at or near the base when weekly parental workloads, due to extended duty hours, exceed the 50 hours of care (typically 10 hours a day or a 5-day work week) that families are already purchasing in child care programs on or off base.

The ECC program is administered through the Family Child Care Program and is currently provided at no cost to families.

Families should establish a plan to meet all their child care needs e.g., short-term TDY’s, shift work care where shift work is typical assignment, etc. The ECC program should be considered the “back-up plan.”

* Parents must complete all appropriate forms to include AF Form 1181, and USDA food enrollment forms *

See our brochure HERE

Eligibility and Priority


To be eligible for this program at least one parent must be a member of the U.S. Military Service: Active Duty; Reserve or Guard member in activated status; dual employed (military married to civilian) or DoD civilian employee assigned to or working on the installation.

Being provided care is a privilege, not a right, and the Family Child Care (FCC) program will retain final approval authority on whether or not a child is accepted for care.


First priority is given to parents whose children are currently enrolled in the Air Force Child Development, School-age and/or FCC

ECC can be used for

-Extended duty days (as needed)

-Temporary shift changes (not to exceed 3 working days for each occurrence)

-Rapid mobilization (as needed)

-Dual military or single parent deployment until alternate child care can be arranged and/or children are picked up by authorized persons, (as needed but not to exceed 3 working days for each occurrence)

-Home Community Care, Return Home Care, Pre-Deployment Care, Deployed Care, Medical Care- Medical Emergency and approved by AFPC/SVPYC, Wounded Warrior Care, Child Care for Fallen Warriors, Permanent Change of Station Child Care and OCONUS Respite Care.

-No notice/short-notice TDY (as needed, but not to exceed 3-days for each occurrence and a total of 12-days per calendar year)

-Less than 1-week notice.

-If no other family member is available

-If verified with supervisor

-Provides temporary assistance until other arrangements can be found.

-Spouse of deployed or TDY member who is experiencing a short-term child care emergency created in part by the duty-related absence of spouse (as needed)

-Federal holidays/installation wide down days when AF CYP, FCC (Child Youth Programs and Family Child Care homes) are closed and parents are required to work to meet mission requirements.

-Mandatory PT

ECC cannot be used for

-On a regular, recurring basis

-To meet parents’ regular child care requirements

-To provide shift work care where shift work is a typical assignment.

-To provide hourly care for non-duty related reasons

-For off-duty education and employment on a recurring basis.

-Attend/watch air shows, award banquets, etc

-Medical appointments

-ANG/AFR Annual Training

Questions about ECC?

For more information pertaining to the ECC program or to find out your qualifying status please contact Jill Lund, FCC Coordinator at 501-987-3156/6355.

Who's Eligible for ECC?

-Active duty Air Force families where a parent is feeling stress due to unique circumstances such as:

-Whose spouse is deployed, on extended TDY or a remote tour of duty

-Member has been experiencing a family crisis such as birth of a baby, serious illness of a family member, death in the family, extended illness of a family member

-Member has been required to work extensive extended shifts

-Having a child with special needs