Auto Hobby

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Bldg. 656

Skills Development Center

656 6th Street
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Auto Hobby


Here at auto hobby we offer various services for any vehicle issues you may have. Let experts handle any trouble ensuring quick and proper vehicle fix and maintenance.


Auto Hobby Price List


Let Auto Hobby’s experts assist you with your vehicle issues. We also offer a variety of classes, programs, and services directed at instructing and assisting customers to accomplish self-maintenance on their vehicles.

Minor supply parts may be purchased through Auto Hobby. Major parts can be ordered through a “Special Order” program and in many cases are available the same day.


Work on your car at Auto Hobby! Rent a flat stall or one with a lift to help maintain your vehicle.

Car Wash
Take your vehicle to our car wash, you can detail and wash it for a small fee using our car wash!


Need to sell your vehicle? Park your car at the resale lot!

POV Lot Pricing:

Car | $20/per month

RV | $25/per month

For more information click here.

Technicians also offer a bumper to bumper inspection of a vehicle for $25. This inspection is a great way to make sure your car is safe for a long drive or if that used car you’re looking at buying is worth the money.

Short Term Parking

Secure Short Term Parking now available through Auto Hobby! This is a quick-access lot that can be used to park your vehicle, boat, or trailer. POVs can be stored in our secure lot for up to 90 days at a time, for $2 a day.

To reserve your spot, download the paperwork and bring it in to Auto Hobby Wed-Sat 9AM-6PM. Or, give them a call for more information: 501-987-6803.

All stored vehicles must have current license, insurance, and registration. Vehicles left on the lot beyond 90 days will be towed. Fees must be paid up front and once purchased time has expired, there will be a one-day grace period to move the vehicle or pay for additional days, before a late fee of $10 a day up to the vehicle’s 90 days, whereupon it will be towed.

If you are looking for a long-term parking lot, please give Outdoor Recreation a call (501-987-3365).